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VirginWorlds is a weekly news podcast covering Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPGs) such as World of Warcraft, EverQuest, Guild Wars, City of Heroes, Eve Online, Vanguard, Lord of the Rings Online and many many more. The VirginWorlds MMORPG Podcast is the flagship podcast of the VirginWorlds MMO Podcast Collective found at
VirginWorlds Podcast #80 Part two of this year's top ten list is now available for your enjoyment/ridicule/fury/love/praise/rebuttals/etc. Last year we ranked the top ten MMOs of the past decade and this year we look forward to the top ten most anticipated/important/cool/innovative MMOs on the horizon. The panel consists of Brenden from Another, Michael from MMOGNation and Darren from SUWT and The Common Sense Gamer.  Be sure to check out Part One first!

Just like Part One, a couple little audio issues with my audio track, but overall it's good and doesn't lose anything.  Lesson learned there.

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VirginWorlds Podcast #79 The show you've surely been waiting for all year, this year's top ten list, has arrived. Last year we ranked the top ten MMOs of the past decade (much to the dismay of some) and this year we decided to flip it over and look forward to the top ten most anticipated/important/cool/innovative MMOs on the horizon. This year Brenden and I decided to let a couple more guys in on the secrets of our scientific methods. Michael from MMOGNation and Darren from SUWT and The Common Sense Gamer joined us for the fun.

And now I must do something I've never (ok, rarely) felt compelled to do before. Apologize for a little audio snafu. Turns out that when the talking to 3 other people at once and trying to record my part of the conversation - I should NOT use a crappy old laptop. This resulted in a little skipping on my tracks now and then. Really sucks. If you're wondering what that game we're talking about is that got blurred out - it's Age of Conan. Other than that you'll find the audio quality to be pristine.

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VirginWorlds Podcast #78 Bioware.  Bioware Bioware Bioware.  More specifically, Bioware Austin.  It is a secret fortress protecting the identity of a future MMO that is in development there.  We have no clue what they're up to. All we know is that they're licensing every technology and tool under the sun to make this thing. 

SOE.  New EQ2 Game Update (#37).  Fan Faire! Block Party! New EQ2 Magazine! Vanguard server merges!

Will Exanimus, the zombie MMO in development, be a bigger deal than I initially thought?  Perhaps.

These are the topics of discussion this week.  Enjoy and thanks for the support.
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VirginWorlds Podcast #77 Have you ever asked yourself, "What would happen if Brent didn't prepare for an episode of the podcast?  Would he do a show anyway?  Would he stumble like peg-legged pirate on a greased plank?  Would there be any useful information?  Would the podcast suck?"

Ask these questions no longer.  Podcast 77 had zero prep.  Darren from Shut Up We're Talking and The Common Sense Gamer was lurking on Skype so he got swept into the suicide mission that is: an impromptu podcast.  Here it is.  You can be the judge as to whether it is better to have podcasted from the seat of the pants, or not done a show at all.
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VirginWorlds Podcast #76 Topics this week:

- Blizzard sets priorities.
- Auto Assault, things do not look good
- Be a chicken in Lord of the Rings Online
- Mythos, Hellgate's little brother
- Pirates of the Caribbean delayed
- Star Trek Online: some real info finally
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VirginWorlds Podcast #75 Podcast 75 is unofficially Netdevil-Week, or so it seems.  We have all kinds of Netdevil news, both positive and negative.  In the positive column Lego Universe is full speed ahead and Jumpgate is getting a complete refresh.  In the negative column we must bid farewell to Auto Assault.  Other news includes Anarchy Online's new business model and the publishing deal for Pirates of the Burning Sea.  The profile of the week features Jack Emmert of Cryptic Studios.  The big question is: what is Brent playing this week?  Find out in podcast 75.
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