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VirginWorlds is a weekly news podcast covering Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPGs) such as World of Warcraft, EverQuest, Guild Wars, City of Heroes, Eve Online, Vanguard, Lord of the Rings Online and many many more. The VirginWorlds MMORPG Podcast is the flagship podcast of the VirginWorlds MMO Podcast Collective found at
VirginWorlds Podcast #88 This week Brent works through a couple pieces of MMO news (Star Trek Online and Ultima Online) and then breaks into miscellaneous news, listener mail, dev profile of the week, beta key updates and more.

-VirginWorlds milestones
-Website updates
-Star Trek Online's various shortcuts
-Ultima Online's 10th Year
-Lineage's next update
-WoW Voice Tools
-CCP continues to ambulate
-Gollum begins to ambulate in LotRO
-SOE is getting ready to launch the launcher
-Guild Wars for Digital Download
-What I'm Playing
-Dev Profile of the Week: Matt Firor
-Listener mail
-PotBS beta keys
-Wrap up

Thanks for listening!
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VirginWorlds Podcast #87 Welcome to the new listeners this week and thank you for downloading the VirginWorlds weekly MMORPG news podcast.  This week we have a bite sized show of massive goodness for you.

-The Agency: How persistent is it?
-38 Studios: A new kind of studio?
-Darkfall: Beta? Huh?
-Gods and Heroes: Apocalypse Now?
-Metaplace: Raph Koster announces the plan!
-Pirates of the Burning Sea: Pre-order date is announced
-Special gifts: What could it be?
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VirginWorlds Podcast #86 Finally.  A normal week.  One host.  MMORPG news.  A clinking headset.  Crickets.  Raw info.  Here are the topics:
-Auto Assault Ends
-EverQuest 2 GU 38
-Second Life Documentary
-Tabula Rasa release date and first impressions
-NC Soft and the PS3
-WoW and Southpark Win
-Gordon Walton on post-WoW MMORPGs
-Profile of the Week: Damion Schubert

-New blogs:
 Off the Record by Scott Hartsman
 Finding Fiero in Game Design Lisa Boleyn

-New Podcasts:
 Keen and Graev
 Epic Dolls

-New Sites: (MOGArmy)

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VirginWorlds Podcast #85 - Austin GDC 2007 Austin GDC 2007 has come to close and Brent has all the details.  This two hour epic podcast includes details on the keynote speech from Mike Morhaime President of Blizzard Entertainment, David Perry CEO of and his MMORPG projects, EVE Online's economy and voice communication technologies, White Wolf's World of Darkness, Icarus Studio's MMORPG development platform, a presentation on online gaming's biggest opportunities from industry leaders, a discussion on alternative game press and much more.  Enjoy.
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