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VirginWorlds is a weekly news podcast covering Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPGs) such as World of Warcraft, EverQuest, Guild Wars, City of Heroes, Eve Online, Vanguard, Lord of the Rings Online and many many more. The VirginWorlds MMORPG Podcast is the flagship podcast of the VirginWorlds MMO Podcast Collective found at
VirginWorlds Podcast #97 Finally, the podcast that struggled through the holiday week has been completed, and it is a big one.  Darren from Common Sense Gamer and Shut Up We're Talking joins Brent for a lengthy rundown of the MMO news over the past couple of weeks.

Topics include:
- Blizzard's new MMO project
- Cryptic Studios
- Darkeden
- Sony Online Entertainment news
- Linden Labs
-'s Reader's Choice Awards
- MMOG Data
- Might and Magic MMO
- Warhammer Online
- The Word of the Year
- The Gnomies
- Listener Mail
- What We're Playing

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VirginWorlds Podcast #96 Topics this Week:
  • Activision & Blizzard
  • Entropia Universe
  • Phantasy Star Universe
  • Star Trek Online
  • Vanguard
  • Guild Cafe
  • The Most Influential MMOG Moments
  • What I'm Playing

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    VirginWorlds Podcast #95 Topics in VirginWorlds Podcast #95:

  • Anarchy Online
  • Dungeon Runners
  • Eve Online
  • Jumpgate
  • Perpetual Entertainment
  • SOE
  • Square Enix
  • Vanguard
  • Zenimax Studios
  • Top 5 Sci-Fi MMOs according to Massively

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    VirginWorlds Podcast #94 Happy Thanksgiving to all of you in the US.  I hope you had a fine meal or two and had some free time to spend hunting mobs (and visiting your families.)  Here are the topics for this week.

    -EverQuest II
    -Legends of Norrath
    -Lineage II
    -Marvel Universe Online
    -Space Time Studios
    -World of Warcraft
    -The VirginWorlds Membership Plan

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    VirginWorlds Podcast #93 VirginWorlds seems to be back to the weekend shows, finding the mini-casts far too unpredictable and here is your dose of MMORPG news from the last week.  You'll never guess who the host is.  (nm, it's just Brent.)  Here are the news topics for the week:

    City of Heroes
    Dragonlance Movie
    Elder Scrolls Online
    EverQuest II
    Lord of the Rings Online


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    VirginWorlds Podcast #92.1 Another week of MMORPG news mini-casts from VirginWorlds!  Topics today include:

    EVE Fanfest 2007 News wrap-up
    Playboy's Annual Girls of Video Games
    Vanguard Producer's Letter
    What is WebWars: EVE?

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    VirginWorlds Podcast #91.4 Mini-cast lesson #1: Sometimes the news is scarce and one must resort to contesting ideas that other people blog about. (Sorry Cameron and Cuppy!)

    Topics in today's show:

    - Warhammer Online further delayed.  Hang tough, it'll work out.
    - Station Launcher tour
    - Blizzard is building something... but what?
    - Not everything can or should be free (plus the Free-Triple-A-Challenge)

    Enjoy and thanks for listening.

    To MMO or not to MMO?
    Blizzard Is Making a New MMOG

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    VirginWorlds Podcast #91.3 Welcome to another mini-podcast, this time with bonus Halloween chills.  Today's frightful topics include:

    - Sony's Station Launcher's Creepy Features
    - Electronics Arts dresses up in spooky costumes woven out of human ... logic
    - Habbo Hotel scares 80 million toons
    - Sword of the New World wins the costume contest
    - launches a frighteningly good podcast

    Listen with the lights on.
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    VirginWorlds Podcast #91.2 Today it is not just a mini-cast.  It is a mini-mobile cast.  I've clearly lost all sense, but I'm still delivering the MMORPG news.  Here are the topics for today:

    - Lucasarts and Bioware Corp to Develop "Ground-Breaking Interactive Entertainment Product" - gee- wonder what that is?
    - Pirates of the Caribbean Online is launching.  Surprise!
    - Tabula Rasa is Launching. Surprise!
    - The Chinese pwn us in WoW.
    - Toga! Toga! TOGA!

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    VirginWorlds Podcast #91.1 A VirginWorlds MMORPG news minicast?  That's right - it is a bite sized chunk of news and you'll be getting them all week.

    Why?  Because it might be fun.

    Today's MMORPG news topics include:

    -Bethesda and ZeniMax find some money in the couch cushions
    -Dreamlords goes back into development
    -The making of MMOvie
    -UO gets slightly trampled
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