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VirginWorlds Podcast #129 VirginWorlds coverage of Austin Game Developers Conference 2008.  Darren and Brent are on hand in Austin to cover the goings on at this year's conference.

Show schedule:
Intro: 0:00
K2 Networks/Gamers First: 3:59
Crisp Thinking: 11:55
Leigh Alexander: 22:01
Vasco: 37:06
Icarus Studios: 48:08
Terremark Worldwide: 52:14
Cuppy: 57:38
Outro:  1:04:33

This concludes the recorded content from Austin GDC, but there's still more to come.  We have stuff stored in our heads too.  That will coming purged and backed up in podcast format next.
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VirginWorlds Video Podcast - Austin GDC 2008 - Part 2 More silly video from the crew at Austin Game Developers Conference 2008. Audio podcast(s) will follow of course, but here is the "top-quality-video" shot by Darren and Brent on the final day of Austin GDC 2008. Enjoy.
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VirginWorlds Video Podcast - Austin GDC 2008 - Part 1 The VirginWorlds crew went to Texas for the 2008 Game Developers Conference and aside from recording audio, did some video just for fun.  Darren's camera takes some passable video when he's not waving it around it fast, and we figured it might be nice to see a little of what we're up to behind the scenes. We have a ton of audio and interesting notes collected for some upcoming audio podcasts, but for the moment, here's a few shots of our ugly mugs. Be horrified.
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